Wednesday, December 11, 2019

REGRETTING YOU by Author Colleen Hoover



Wow. This is probably the author's bestest work ever... I might be biased because she's one of my go-to's and I have more books of hers than any other author but yes, seriously.

This is only my second ARC from her and I was so friggin ecstatic when I received this thru NetGalley.

I've been anticipating this book ever since it was announced and when I received it, I was putting it off because I'm weird and I was saving this and don't want it to end—I'm probably just the only one who's like this. Don't judge me.

This is was so unexpectedly refreshing. I've never read a book that's been told thru Mom and daughter POV's and I can't explain it. I thought it wasn't going to romantic but it's as romantic as romance gets! Only Colleen man... Only Colleen friggin Hoover.

I love the was very relatable. I've been cheated on and didn't know until it was too late... it hurt a lot—and to read about it in the book and how it happened and who cheated, I was like—No way. It was heartless and vile.

I wish she read the letters... if it was me, it will always be at the back of my head. 

I love it! If it's still not obvious, I do. If I could give it 5M stars, I would. It made me laugh and cry and I've read it in one day. I just couldn't put the book down... 

Like I said, bestest work of Colleen's... My favorite is still Maybe Someday because of Ridge but this is a very, very close second.

I wish there was a longer epilogue but I just didn't want it to end.