Tuesday, October 29, 2019

LANDON and SHAY 1 by Author Brittainy Cherry



Wow. Landon and Shay was... freaking fire!

I'm such a fan of Brittainy's. I've read all of her books. The Air He Breathes is my all-time fave... 

I know this book wasn't planned to be made into a duet, but now I get why. Landon and Shay had to have their history thoroughly told without any shortcuts. 

The first time I met Landon and Shay was when I read the book Eleanor and Grey. I had to scan through it again just to refresh my memory of them.

This an enemies to lovers story, which is my favorite trope. It's angsty but not to the point of you feeling drained out at the end of the book... 

The book is heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. the witty banter, the pacing, the characters... all of it were fascinating and exciting. I read it in one day because once you start, you wouldn't wanna put it down.

It talks about real life struggles that people go through on a daily basis... the absentee parents, acting and lashing out... mental and emotional abuse... grief and depression... everything. It was relatable, you could find a small part of yourself in there somewhere. 

I can't wait to read part two. I've just checked the date and I can't believe I had to wait 'til December to read the continuation... it's bad for my anxious self, lol. 

It's definitely one of the best I've read this year!