Monday, April 29, 2019



This is my second RVD ARC and I was really excited... they said this is book one of a new series that was born from Eagle Elite—which I haven't read yet but have it in my TBR shelf. Yeah yeah. I know. I'll rectify that as soon as I'm done with all my pending ARC's, lol.

I was aware that this is a mafia love story... I signed up because the blurb got to me. 

I was berating myself the whole frigg¡n time I was reading it! I should've read everything—everything that has to do with this book! 

Don't get me wrong, there was a refresher before the beginning of Mr. Petrov's story but I'd still recommend reading the other books for ya'll to have a better reading experience... I understand that this a standalone but half the time I kept trying to remember who's who, why's why and which is which.

I think it was a wee bit fast-paced... I guess that's my only complain. In regards to the timeline, I think the characters' feelings developed faster than normal despite claiming that he doesn't have a heart... He was full of self contradictions but knowing what I know of Andrei Petrov you'd give him a pass. He is a very broken man. 

People fall in love in different and unexpected ways and most likely than not, to the most unlikely person. It sure as f*€k happened to me! Hey we can't control our heart no matter how much we try to.

I've read a number of mafia stories in my lifetime and I know deep down that mafia stories aren't really my cup of tea but I found myself devouring it page after page. And despite the ridiculousness of how the mafia was portrayed in this story, I don't have anything to prove otherwise... so I let it be.

It was graphic and vivid... and raw and practically gruesome...and there are sensitive topics that'll surely make you wonder if this really is how the mafia life is lead.

Overall, I did enjoy the story. It was a slow-burn but it picked up somewhere around the middle... 

Reading this will make you appreciate the small things in life... that no matter how cliché it sounds, money really doesn't make you happy... and if you want it bad enough, love can definitely conquer all.

I can't wait to read more from the author.