Monday, February 18, 2019

THINK TWICE by Author Stephanie Rose


Think Twice is my second Stephanie Rose ARC... I didn't even read the blurb... I signed up right away because its from her and that I loved her other book, REWRITE.

As you might have already checked the blurb,  this is a book about two couples—PJ  and Dylan; and Jack and Danielle. It's kinda like two interconnecting  novellas that resulted in one awesome novel about these two couples struggling to make it work. I'm not sure if I should say this, but I'll say it anyway—Jack and PJ, are siblings... PJ is in love with Dylan—who is Jack's best-friend since they were kids... Jack also falls in love Danielle, who is also a sister of one of their friends... I'll just stop right here because I didn't wanna give away anything more.

I enjoyed the story... the characters were relatable and the pacing was great. It's funny, angsty and swoony... It teaches you about believing in yourself, about acceptance, about patience and not giving up.

If you're a fan of Rachel Van Dyken or Lauren Blakely... or if you simply wanna read something inspiring and swoon-worthy, then this is the book to pick up next.