Wednesday, January 9, 2019

THE KISS THIEF by Author LJ Shen


This is like one of the bestest christmas presents ever! An ARC from  Leigh Shen would definitely brighten your day like chocolate cake and ice cream! This is my forth ARC from her and I just feel so honored.

I knew this one would rock! I mean I know everything rocks when it comes to a LJ Shen book, but this book is by far the best! The story was so unexpected. There's nothing more alluring than a love triangle between a young mafia princess, a resilient childhood sweetheart and a formidable vengeful politician. 

It was all so unexpected... how the story unraveled page after page... the twists and turns were just too gripping for me to put the book down. It kinda reminded me of one of her older books, Vicious. But this one, this one I love better. This one is definitely the best as of date... Definitely deserving of all the praises.

I was having anxiety towards the last couple of chapters in the book because I simply do not want it to end... the butterflies were everywhere and you fall in love right along with them (characters). If I could give this book 100 stars, I would. 

I highly recommend it! I can't praise it enough! Love, love it so much!