Monday, November 26, 2018



I was very excited for my first Emily Goodwin ARC, and rightfully so. 

Unexpected loves are best... It's the best form of blessing. You're set on doing one thing, ended up doing another and then it forever changes who you are.

There's just something about a single-parent romance especially a single-dad at that... 

I admit, at first I had my apprehension about how the story will go... I had doubts about Scarlet seeing as she was conning a guy at the bar as an opening act... then I thought it would be a slow burn, but I was wrong... Like I said, this is my first Emily Goodwin book, and I have no idea how her stories usually go... and now I'm definitely rectifying that because I immensely enjoyed this book!

Weston's and Scarlet's love story evolved quickly but it was in a certain way... I don't know how to explain it... like it just works. I'm not a fan of insta-love but with them, I felt the longing... and the build-up of their feelings. And this certainly made the the butterflies appear and run crazy.

I ended up falling in love with everybody— the family, the small town setting... and of course, Weston and Jackson. 

This book will teach you about forgiveness and acceptance... that people who did bad things aren't necessarily bad people per se... that love will conquer all...

I definitely highly recommend this... its full of swoon-worthy moments and this book would make you fall in love right along with the characters.