Tuesday, February 6, 2018



In the wilds of Alaska single women are few and far between. An online site to find the perfect bride seems ridiculous, but Stone is willing to give it a try. 
As he looks at Carly’s pictures and reads her words, he’s convinced she’s the one. 
He spends his nights imagining what it will be like to finally touch her, to sink inside and hear her cry out his name. 
When she finally gets there she’ll be lucky if he doesn’t tie her to his bed. 
Too bad the woman getting off the plane is not the one he agreed to marry.


I had just finished reading this one. This is my first Tory Baker book... I'm not familiar with her style or work, but this is definitely something else.

I'm not a huge fan of novellas—I always say that. I tend to avoid them because they always leave me wanting more—like this one! As I was turning page after page, I kept on thinking "huh...this is a tad bit forward and fast-paced.." and I didnt really realize that this was indeed a novella, lol I should've done my homework. 

I would've wanted Stone and Carly's story to be stretched out more because they were just so freaking cute together! I wanted to read more about their evolution as a couple and all. The storyline isn't something I havent read but I still enjoyed it nonetheless!

If ya'll dont have time to read a full-length novel and just want to read something short,  sexy and light, then this is the book to pick up next!