Thursday, January 29, 2015

WORKING GIRL (Vol. 1) by Scarlett Metal


I have a secret.

It's a big secret.

I haven't had trouble keeping it from anyone until he came into my life.

Now my world is in danger of falling apart.

*Working Girl is the first in a three part serial.*

My thoughts after reading...

I've always been a fan of Scarlett's... I Remember You is one of my favorites. I've been following her work for a couple of years now and I gotta say, leave it to Scarlett to go from 0-60kph in a matter of seconds! This story is, scratch that..this story is scorching hot! I was practically fanning myself from their first meeting (at the bar).

So the story was short, given that it's a series but you get the gist from the outset. Girl works as an escort, guy is a powerful businessman... The attraction and possessiveness of the characters on eachother  is higly expected in a story like this--kinda' like a lust at first sight.

I'm happy that at the end, there's an unexpected twist. So yeah there's more to look forward to, other than just the SOP scorching love scenes---not that I'm complaining... I'm anticipating more drama and action in the future---given the nature of business of the male protagonist and his "family life"... 

Cant wait for volume two! Yey Scarlett!

For the fans of the Chase series by Cassia Leo and The Governor by Suzanne Steele, this is the next book to read!