Saturday, July 3, 2021

LESSONS IN SIN by Pam Godwin



I've forgotten that this story was part of the powerful Constantine siblings saga/drama.

I didn't like eldest Constantine sibling's story— Winston, because for me it was just a tad bit too much in the sense that the female protagonist was too helpless and a doormat. At least from the first book, I knew it was trilogy but I didn't continue to read it anymore.

But this... the youngest Constantine princess, Tinsley's story was much better.

I didn't care much about the age-gap between Father Magnus and Tinsley because in sometimes, some people really do fall for or are attracted to people who are older than them. And honestly, there are really teachers or priests—or both who look like GQ models... Yes, it was inappropriate but this story is an indulgence. Their story is swoony and hot and not reallu debasing. If it were my daughter dating someone who's double her age, I'd freak out too. But if they're already adults, all we can really do is give advice and pray everything works out as long as she's happy.

This was one of sexiest book I've read this year! Not an easy read because it's angsty and frustrating but like I said, its sexy and swoony too.