Sunday, December 13, 2020

THE REVENGE PACT by Ilsa Madden-Mills



If only all of us is stronger and bold to say how we feel from the out.

Too much time is wasted waiting for the right moment... when really the right moment is very rare to come by.

Ah, college romance. Love them! They're swoony and frustrating all rolled into one.

I love River. He's responsible and tries to do his best to do right by everyone... to do what is expected of him even though it doesn't make him happy.

Anastasia was relatable. Down to earth and is your typical girl next door with a twist. She's a good girl through and through but also has a subdued wild side.

I enjoyed the story! I read it overnight! It's angsty, sexy and swoon-worthy. The anticipation... the push and pull... the wait... it was all riveting! 

I totally recommend!