Thursday, August 13, 2020




There was a warning before you proceed to read the book. I know books are books and it's fictional, but this storyline is a little more taboo and more mature than your normal age-gap romance.  You have to approach it with a very open-mind. Although I haven't met anybody who was in the same situation, it doesn't mean it did not happen to someone. The world is vast. Different people, different mindsets and all. Plus relationships such a this one aren't that very unique if you get out of your bubble. It's not my cup of tea and I think it's weird, but the heart wants what it wants... and like I said, it's a just a book.

It was gripping—that I have to say. When I read a book, I usually imagine myself as the heroine, lol but in this one I had a hard time because I was a daddy's girl and when he passed my mom never remarried. Said she already found the love of her life... back to the story... so yes, it was gripping. Although I kept on telling myself it's weird, but I was also rooting for them to work out too. We can't go against our heart... it's damn if you don't and damn if you do when it comes to love. In the end everybody just wants to be happy. And as long as they're not hurting anyone, it doesn't matter.

It was angsty and it was sad but it was also sexy and exhilarating... It's not really an easy read, but if you're looking for something new and an indulgent taboo read, then this one is your book.