Wednesday, July 29, 2020




This is my first JA Huss arc but not my first read from her. 

I've read some dark bully romance and secret societies... and to some extend I get it, this is all happening in a fictional world... but I didn't like the debasing and degrading part. 

It took me a little bit of time to understand as to what Fangs and Feathers was. At first I thought it was a fraternity, but then there were girls... and then there were only handful of participants not like in a real sorority/fraternity. So there's that.

And I also can't understand how the Bully Kings hates our young female. What did she do? Was it because of what happened to her? Plus I also don't understand why she would subject herself to such treatment or activity—that's the mystery I'd like to uncover in the next book. What is the purpose of this society? What is the truth behind all of what happened to her?

I also wish there was sort of a clearer backstory between Cadee, Cooper, Ax and Lars. Was she with them at the same time? Did they really share her? Were they in love with her at the same time? I know there's more but I don't want to assume.

Can't wait to read book two to finally understand all of this.