Friday, May 8, 2020




I've read books in this series and although Sylvia's story is still my favorite of them all because it was relatable, this one comes in a very second.

I've always wondered about April Sawyer, the very busy sister, and to finally read about her and her life journey is just so enlightening and heartwarming. I think this is the most emotional of all the books. It couldn't been easy to go through something like that. And although honestly if it happened to me, I'd keep my baby, but everybody does what they think was best for them at the time of crisis. We can't fault people for that. In every decision we make, there is a certain kind of regret that comes with it if it doesn't turn out like we hoped for... and thank God the child was given to a very loving and caring family.

I didn't like Tyler very much. I share his sister's opinion. It was very inhuman, in a sense. At least for me. I can't imagine being ghosted like that.

I loved the story. It was angsty, but also sweet and swoony and heartwarming. This was an awesome story to end the series.