Sunday, February 9, 2020




This is the sequel of The Simple Wild... You need to read it before reading this one to understand and know the background of the story and it's characters.

I had to re-read the last chapter from The Simple Wild before starting this book. I've been waiting for this a long time—probably almost a year, lol.

This book will show you struggles of uprooting yourself from what's familiar... the struggles of not having a comfort zone... the struggles of a new relationship... the doubt & fear of practically starting over again while dealing with grief at the same...

I love Jonah and Calla... as I was reading I kept on thinking to myself I wish I have a Jonah. I love that he'll fight for her and will always choose her no matter what happens... and Calla is this kind-hearted and strong-willed woman. They balance each-other. Every relationship is not without problems...

I love the story. It's relatable, raw and vivid. You can feel the happiness, the doubt and the pain with every word... the flow of the story is seamless... each character, even the supporting cast can hold their own.

Does it have a book three though? I wish there was. I want to read about Jonah and Calla finally starting a family. I thought there was going to be an epilogue but I was wrong.... I felt like I was left hanging... or its probably just me wanting to read more about them.