Thursday, February 20, 2020




I've been waiting for this book since it was announced last year. Vaughn Spencer is a very interesting character. We've read about him in the other books and it seemed that he was a man of few words... one who is angry, tactless and prickly, and now we know why... Well, I know why but I'm not going to tell you. That was definitely a plot twist I didn't expect.

I was hooked from the outset... and as I was reading, my middle-aged self was like, is this what high-school kids are doing these says? I worry for the parents.

It's an enemies to lovers story... there was the misunderstanding that was the catalyst of Vaughn's behavior toward Lenora... there was a lot of angst... there were scenes that touch on abuse which could trigger some of the readers—so read with care... 

Great storytelling by the author... interesting and captivating characters... It was a wee bit more angsty than I anticipated. It wasn't an easy read but there were scenes that would pull on your heartstrings and drive you nuts at the same time...

I enjoyed the book... It wasn't an easy-read but it was riveting. 

To the fans of JL Berg, AL Jackson, Penelope Douglas and Allie Everhart, this is the book to pick up next.