Tuesday, November 19, 2019

THE REBEL KING by Author Kennedy Ryan




That was such an exhilarating read!

Every new release from Kennedy, I kept on saying, this is the best one... this is the best without a doubt... and then she releases a new one, toppling the other book into second place... It just gets better and better. All her books are just up there. She definitely has a gift of writing stories that are so impactful, so inspirational and so moving... Practically all her books is purposeful in stirring awareness to an important subject matter. 

This book immediately picks up where The Kingmaker left off... It was gripping. Every page is an adventure.

I kept on thinking, d@mñ it—now where in the hëçk in the entire world will I ever find a man like Maxim? The bar for the best book boyfriend was raised a hundred times over. I was swooning and sighing and dreaming....

The pacing was great... the characters were all captivating even the bad guy... and that plot twist—really broke my heart. I literally muttered out loud, OH MY GOD, NO! 

Overall it was such an amazing, eloquent and riveting love story... I've probably highlighted something in every chapter! 

You definitely don't want to miss this.