Sunday, November 24, 2019




I was happy-dancing when I received this ARC because I have been hoping and drooling for this ever since it was announced.

As the title indicates it's an enemies to lovers romance but technically it's a best-friends to enemies to lovers romance.

Dusty and Stone were best-friends growing up then one day during sixth grade, Stone just stopped being friends with her cold turkey... but the details on "why" will come to light as you read along. There were a handful of twists and turns, and all I kept thinking was, Oh my gosh! Can't life ever give her a break?

I enjoyed the book even though the story was more angsty than I anticipated. The pacing was good, the characters were fascinating and eclectic, and I love that it's in a (technically) college setting.

Stone and Dusty drove me nuts but also gave me butterflies and heart eyes at the same time.

For the fans of Jay McLean, Penelope Douglas and Josie Beck, this is the book to pick up next.