Sunday, September 8, 2019



This is my second Amy Andrews ARC. I got this through NetGalley. 

The blurb lured me in—hook, line and sinker! I love everything Christmas. I may not be as crazy as Suzy and Joshy pretended to be in the story but yes, I'm a Christmas person. Growing up, as far as I could remember, my Christmases were all perfect—as perfect as an excited kid looking forward to Santa's visits and deliveries. And like they say, Christmas is for the kids and kids at heart. And I am a big kid. I've always been a big kid despite all the adulting I had to do... So yes.

 It started slow for me. I don't know why but it did. It picked up when I was about 35% in... Even though it started slow for me, when it started picking up, it sure did pick the heck up. Like all pretend relationships go, you can't wait to know what happens next—the bickering, the tension... there's a build up of anticipation especially when your male protagonist is all sorts of cranky, has walls up to a mature oak tree, and seems to be immune to your heroine.

As I was reading I kept on thinking, boy I wanted to see this on the big screen. I wish someone would turn this into a Hallmark or a Netflix Holiday movie... I mean we're already in September so the Christmas season is already starting. 

Who doesn't want to read about holiday cheers and a sexy rancher? It's light and swoon-worthy. It's everything you'd want in a holiday romance. I definitely recommend.