Friday, June 7, 2019

THE FALL OF TROY by DR. Rebecca Sharp


This is my first read and ARC from the author.

I was so excited to read it because the blurb got to me.

This is a taboo-romance where the guy is practically twice the girl's age... she is his student and he was her art professor.

I've read a lot of books with the same storyline... from the reader's point of view I thought it was gripping... there is the allure of two broken people who found solace in each other's arms regardless of age, social status, nationality etc... but also basing on reality and from an aunt's and a mother's point of view, I'd be furious and worried... there is nothing wrong with loving someone older but come on, she's only 18. 18 is still very young... And while 18year olds are already considered adults, for me they're not a hundred percent there yet... Get what I mean? Like they're kids but not quite ripely matured yet.

That being said... lets get back to the reader's point of view... I thought the way they developed feelings was fast... I know there is no timeframe when it comes to feelings but yes, I thought they got together fast... I thought she was aggressive for her age and backstory, and he was abrasive and rude for a professor but I guess it all started like an enemies to lovers kind of trope... and to top it off, her dad was in the same position she's in... I thought it was a wee bit too much... too much drama and too much unnecessary angst. It was like reading something from a day-soap...

Still, I can't wait what happens next for these two...

For the fans of Tainted Black by Shanora Williams, Birthday Girl by Penelope Douglas and the Gabriels Inferno Series by Sylvain Reynard, this is the book to pick next.