Thursday, June 20, 2019

SAVE THE DATE by Monica Murphy


I've always been a fan of Monica Murphy... Drew and Fable are my faves!

This is Alex Wilder and Caroline Abbott's story. They were childhood friends and were each other's first kiss. They lost touch over the years and came to a chance encounter one day at a stationery store—were his fiancĂ©e was ordering their wedding invitation... 

Alex is consumed with his work and seriously takes the role of the worthy hotel heir. Caroline is this sweet, hardworking girl who wants to own the stationery store one day... aaaand I'm just going to stop here because discussing Alex and Caroline further would surely giveaway the story.

It was a wee bit fast paced for my liking... I think everything happened less less than a month... but attraction and feelings has no timeline... and since they know each other when they were kids, it's easy to reconnect.

It was a light and easy read... it's something you'd want to read after a long and hard day.

For the fans of Lauren Blakely, RS Grey and Max Monroe, this is the book to pick up next!