Friday, April 12, 2019



This is my third ARC from the author... 

I've read The Rivers Wilde series—The Legacy and The Legend, and because of that, I signed up for this one's ARC.

At first I wasn't aware that this was kind of a re-release... I just went in and dove right away...

To be honest, I wasn't really feeling the story. Not as much as the previous books I've read from her... It took me a couple of days to finish... and I was contemplating whether or not to finish reading it but I've never not finished a book, ever. 

The first few chapters were exciting... but somewhere before the middle, my excitement kind of dwindled down. I was asking myself if it was the story itself or was it just me?

I know for a fact that the author is awesome... like I've said, The Rivers Wilde series are a huge favorite of mine and I gave them 5-stars... those books were gripping... like page after page there is something new to anticipate... but this one... It didn't hold my interest very long (but I still forged on).

Maybe it was the push and pull, maybe it was the angst... I don't know... I just didn't connect with them as a couple... as individuals they were strong and resilient characters but as a couple, I didn't really feel them. I'm sorry :(