Wednesday, January 9, 2019

FAKING IT by Author K. Bromberg


This is my first K. Bromberg ARC and I was happy-dancing when I received an email stating so! I'm no stranger to her books and she's one of my favorites.

Faking It, as the title suggests is a story between two people who was forced by circumstance to enter into a fake relationship... him, because of business and her, because she needed to find a job... and we all know how that ends. There's a thin line between reality and make-believe...

Loving someone who doesn't love you really sucks... intrigued yet? 

I loved the book! I immensely enjoyed it. The characters, as individuals, were very relatable... their individual struggles and what made them the way they are... 

The whole thing about signing up for a dating app, is relatable too. It's what people do nowadays... if its not thru a dating app, people would connect thru social media. I swooned and got frustrated, and I even shed a tear or two.

I could say that this book took me a year to finish coz I started it in 2018 and finished on 2019... lol

If you're looking for a book with dashing Aussie heartthrob and a feisty sexy American girl, and just all around feel-good book, this is the one to pick up next.