Tuesday, November 27, 2018



This is my second Karla Sorensen ARC, and this one got me so excited because the blurb alone was very enticing! I've read Luke and Allie's story and enjoyed it, I figured this is no different.

I've read a lot of sports romance this year alone, and I must say that this is the first time I've read about the male lead being an ex of the sister of the female lead. And to top it off, they work together! Can you imagine the drama?lol

I like that Ava evolved into a stronger and more confident character... and Matthew, well.... you can't blame the guy for having walls like Fort Knox. I would've wanted that he had more competition though... I felt like he needed to work harder for Ava's affection... or Ava should've resisted him more... 

To me, I think they got together really fast and was simply carried away by the heat of the moment. If they resisted each other a little bit longer... like maybe have more build-up between them, it would've been very perfect... at least in my opinion.

This book will definitely make you realize that you can't help who your heart beats for... you can't help who you fall in love with—though in reality it would've been very weird seeing as Matthew was engaged to Ava's sister and they were together for years... even though the story was fast forwarded a decade later, still it's weird you know?lol. But I still overall enjoyed it.

It's definitely a fast-paced romance... It was easy to read , had very little angst and has a dash of humor in it. If you're looking to read something light for the weekend then this is the book to pick-up next.