Monday, November 12, 2018

HER DEFIANT HEART by Author Monica Murphy


I've been a fan Monica Murphy for years... The One Week Girlfriend series is my fave and I have also read some of her other books.

I was chosen to read this when it came out on iBooks early this year but since I had technical difficulties downloading it remotely, I had to withdraw. But I guess fate has other plans because now I was given a review copy! Yey! and this is my first official "ARC" from her.

If you've read One Week Girlfriend, you'd eat this one too. It's just as addicting... like you cant wait to get to the end and know more! There are similarities—one, being that its a new adult romance in a college setting; two, unexpected loves and lastly; there's a taboo relationship... intrigued yet??

The characters were... I guess more eccentric. There are definitely twists and turns that would frustrate you but it works. This is the first book in the series, so it ends with a cliffhanger but since I loved One Week Girlfriend, I enjoyed this one as well.