Saturday, March 17, 2018



There’s no better wolf than a dead one.”

This is the end. 

The sound of cars makes my heart beat faster. The sight of a bitumen road gives me hope. The faces of my family waiting for me are all I can see as I battle to survive.

I can’t look back. 

I can’t cry out.

Fight, Morgan.

He is the Wolf, and I’m the thirteenth woman he has called his Red. This is his last chance to scratch my name from the list of bitches who’ve wronged him.

Will he claim my life?

“I’m coming for you, Red. It’s time to die. – The Wolf


Oookay... so psychological thrillers aren't really my cup of coffee...err tea. I grew up reading fairytales and dreaming about princes and princesses having their happily ever afters... its what made me a huge romantic sap. That being said, I am also old enough to know that real life isn't all rainbows and unicorns; that this world we live in can be brutal and cruel. 

This is my first time to read something from Belle Brooks, and while I said I'm not really into psychological thrillers, I was riveted from the very beginning... It kinda reminded me of Twin Peaks and that first season of Riverdale... My mind was turning on its wheels trying to analyze the scenarios and trying to figure out who could the pyscho be... what his main motives are... why just kill women? Why Morgan in particular?? Whats the catalyst?? Just when I think I've gotten it all figured out, another puzzle pops in and it would turn out differently. 

I was definitely at the edge of my seat and pulled an all-nighter coz I simply had to know, lol. 

Its not surprising that I enjoyed reading it. It was gripping... I admit, at first I was anxious but the curious reader in me was definitely hooked.

For those fans of Pepper Winters' INDEBTED Series, this is the book to pick-up next!