Friday, August 14, 2015

KEEPING HER (The Kensingtons #2) by ALLIE EVERHART


When Pearce met Rachel, he knew she was the only woman for him. He wanted her, needed her, and now he finally has her. But for how long? He was never supposed to be with her. He didn’t follow their rules and now he must pay for what he’s done.

With his punishment looming, his relationship with Rachel moves forward. They’re looking at houses, talking about having a baby, living a normal life. The life Pearce always wanted.

But he worries it won’t last. He’s concerned about Rachel’s safety and fears what will happen if she ever learns the truth. Can he continue to keep the dark side of his life a secret from her? And if he can’t, would she forgive him for what he’s done?

Their love story continues, but now it's become much more complicated.

My thoughts after reading...

First and foremost, I would like to thank the author for bringing me out of my blogging rut. I've read tons of books between my last entry and this one...probably 30 or so... but I could only count in one hand how many spoke to my heart. But even so, they didn't push me enough to rave about it, until now.

I have read the Jade Series, but I have yet to finish reading all of them. I continued reading FINDING US after reading KEEPING HER. I know The Kensingtons are a separate series but after reading KEEPING HER, I got excited and anxious about the whole thing, and kinda' just "breezed-through" the JADE Series to know if it mentioned additional details about Rachel's  accident. "Breezed-through", meaning rough-checked the contents of the remaining books for more clues, lol. Yeah, yeah. I know I should've not done it, but I was curiously excited. So forgive me if I kinda', sorta, cheated. What can I say? I'm impatient like Jade! lol

For some of us who has read the Jade Series, we're already aware what happened to Rachel, Garret's mom and the love of Pearce's life—she died on a plane crash... While I learned from "breezing through" that it was that evil Holton's doing, I just couldn't help but wonder, if she really did die in the crash. My initial reaction when I first read about it in the Jade Series was, could it be possible that Garret's mom is still alive after all this time? With all the conspiracy and cover-ups going on, it is quite possible. It would be so friggin frustrating & exasperating when an epic lovestory such as theirs, wouldn't have a happy ending. 

As a reader and a fan of this new series, I refuse to accept that Pearce and Rachel wouldn't be reunited in the end. With everything that has happened between then and in the end of Always Us...even with all the grandkids...I'm still holding on hope that Rachel will somehow show-up and is indeed still alive and well, and was just living on the downlow with a different identity...with a different lifestyle and physical appearance (like with a completely different hairstyle and haircolor...that sort of thing). From what I gathered about Pearce Kensington's character in both series is that, he's a fighter and he never gives up especially on the people he loves. And surely he'd never give up on Rachel.

And hey, what about Jack Ellit? What happened to him? What was his role in the series? his role in the whole accident? I'm hoping he helped keep Rachel alive all these years, if there is even the slightest possibility of her being so. I didnt think he was mentioned in the Jade Series...or I probably just missed it. But I promise to finish the Jade Series, just to be sure.

Suffice to say that I love Pearce's and Rachel's lovestory even more than Garret's and Jade's... I know their stories are kinda' similar and it seems like history is repeating itself, but with Pearce and Rachel... I don't know, it just seems more intense since its the catalyst of it all. 

While reading through the book, one can really feel their struggles and heartaches, and I hate to admit it, but sometimes tears couldn't be helped because you were so touched by a certain scene in the book. 

Eventhough the story talks about an elite organization, about billionaires, politicians and missions, still it was written in such a way that an average reader would understand, and therefore could make them empathize easily with the characters' feelings... kinda' how we get when watching a tv series or a movie. 

The love they have for eachother is just so beautiful to experience and read about. And that is why, I hope their story wont end like it did. It would be so unfair...well...I know real life isn't fair, but since this is fiction and anything is possible, I'm really hoping for a miracle for Pearce and Rachel. (Crossing my fingers).

I cant wait for the third installment of The Kensingtons. I know September is just around the corner, but it feels like forever away.

To the fans of Take This Regret by A.L. Jackson, Work of Art by Monica Alexander and Off The Record by K.A. Linde, this is the book to read next. Hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did😊