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Drake Stagliano is a high maintenance man from a wealthy empire family in Chicago. He managers The Riverside Hotel/Restaurant where he only expects the absolute best. With a past filled with being used and heartbreak, the last thing he expects is to find a woman he can't control himself around... a chef intern.

Molly Woods is not your typical 23 year old. She's a single mom in her last semester of culinary school and interning at Drake's restaurant. She's closed dating off her list - her only priorities are finishing school & her 4 year old daughter. When Molly is pursued by Drake, she does everything she can to deny the chemistry and sexual tension. However, that doesn't last long & she finds herself completely mad over him.

When an intimate video goes public, Molly's internship and credibility is threatened. She's lusts for the one man she's been able to connect with after the sudden death of her late fiancรฉ - but can Drake hold on for the emotional ride? Molly will need to let go of her past in order let Drake in. Fall in love with this steamy, funny, & romantic story of two people who find each other just when they both need someone the most.

My thoughts after reading...

I was so excited to read about Brooke Cumberland's work. I've read good reviews so I went on and bought myself copies of the first two books of the Riverside Trilogy---Kitchen Affairs and Kitchen Scandals. So this review is like a two for one package ๐Ÿ˜‰

Drake Stagliano reminds me of  Christian Grey and Gavin Blake ๐Ÿ˜. He is Chicago's most eligible bachelor---is very successful, very business savvy, intelligent, very good-looking and of course the stereo-typical ladies man... But he met his match in the person of Molly Woods. It was love at first sight for Drake. And ever since that moment in the orientation room, he cannot get Molly out of his head. I guess we all felt like that at some point in our lives... Its a crazy but nice feeling to have.

Molly Woods comes with baggage almost like your typical airport's conveyor belt. She was molested as a child, her fiancee' was killed in a car accident, suffered from her parents divorce, learned she was the daughter from another man and got pregnant at a very early age. Thats too much to take for a 23-yr. old...and so I can't blame her for being apprehensive and cautious about opening her heart and mind to Drake Stagliano.

But like a moth drawn to a flame, they finally cave in to their feelings. At one time even caved in too much and found themselves in a media imbroglio... As the story progresses, it turns out Molly isn't the only one with baggage, Drake does too. I figured both of them are very good-looking for their own good since both have fervent admirers, some even border on obsession! ๐Ÿ˜‚

I wont go too much into details as I might spoil the books for the other readers. All I can say is that its a must read, and I cant wait for Kitchen Promises... Drake Stagliano is definitely swoon-worthy! Plus, the cliffhanger on the last book was so intriguing... 

Ugh! I hate cliffhangers!Lol... I mean who doesn't right? I wasn't all that thrilled to learn about it being released at the end of the year either. Its far too long! I mean, I don't know if I'm still alive by that time! As I've learned from reading these books, life doesn't turn out the way we plan it. Anyway, any of you who hasn't read it yet, get your copy by clicking on the links below this page:

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