Sunday, June 9, 2013

WORK OF ART by Monica Alexander


Eleven years ago, Harper Connelly was unceremoniously dumped by her high school boyfriend during the same week her mom kicked her out of her house. So she moved across the country and started over. It was all she could do. Now she’s one of the most sought after female tattoo artists in the country, she has a successful business, and she has great friends. But she hasn’t had great luck in love, and she doesn’t exactly let people in. Then on a cross-country flight, she meets Brandon Cooper, a guy who’s been through the love ringer a few times himself and is just looking to have some fun. And for some reason, Harper and Brandon click. He tells her all about his friend he’s visiting in San Francisco, a guy who is about to marry the wrong girl, who Brandon is determined to corrupt during his visit. And part of that corruption is getting his friend a tattoo from the hot girl he met on the plane. But neither Harper nor Brandon realize that she actually knows his friend. And when he walks into her tattoo parlor, for the first time in ten years, Harper comes face-to-face with Ryan Carson, the guy who stole her heart over a decade earlier and then broke it into pieces.

In Just Watch the Fireworks, Ryan Carson was on the losing end of a love triangle. And in response to being dumped, he dove headfirst into work, a new relationship with a girl his mother set him up with and a new life in San Francisco. On paper, his life is perfect, but in reality it’s anything but – and he’s getting married in four weeks. Then one weekend everything changes when he runs into Harper Connelly, the girl he lost ten years earlier. 

Old secrets still haunt them and old feelings dominate their interactions with each other, but Ryan and Harper are drawn to each other in ways even they can’t explain. And when the ultimate secret is revealed, Ryan starts to think long and hard about his life and the people he thought he could trust, but one thing is clear – he still loves Harper. But when it comes down to it, can Harper get past everything that happened between them and give him a second chance?

My thoughts after reading...

I absolutely love this book! I never expected to... This book is all about Destiny.. or Fate.. I guess it true that, what's meant to be will always find its way.. Who would've expected Ryan's bestfriend Brandon will be seated next to Ryan's ex-gf, right?? And who would've thought Ryan and Harper lived in the same city and their place of work is just a couple of blocks away from each other??

I cried when Ryan learned about what happened to their son Tyler. It was just so cruel---no, it was inhuman what his family did to them. Although from the outset, we could somewhat understand the apprehension of his parents.. I mean, I dont want my son to be a teenage dad and of course, ruin a potentially bright future... but still going as elaborate as to forge signatures and concoct emails and such just to deliberately separate them and hurt them both is too much... On Ryan's and Harper's part, they should've at least exerted an extra effort to confront eachother in person when the break-up/abortion emails came... Afterall, its not something as shallow as a normal break-up email, it involves a child...

I hate the hypocritical and shallow evil incarnate that is, Ryan's mother...and Harper's as well... I couldn't understand how they wouldn't feel compassion or at least pity.. The baby Harper's carrying is afterall their flesh and blood... Even though they wouldn't have to stomach to love Harper, but the baby... The baby is another... 

Brandon was fun.. He is a good friend... At least Brandon was a catalyst in bringing them together.
I love how Ryan loves Harper...

I just wished the epilogue was a 'lil bit longer though. I would've wanted to read about them having another baby or maybe at least get married...or at least Ryan's marriage proposal.