Saturday, September 12, 2020

ADDICTED TO HIM by Monica Murphy



I know I keep on saying this every time Monica releases a book but this is—honestly, cross my heart, my "favoritest" in the series... 

Eli has been such an active character in Jake's book, and I got pissed along too but now I get it... and I didn't expect Eli's book would be my favorite.

Sure, he was annoying and such an arrogant showman, but these traits is what gives him life. It suits him. It is him.

I have to say that I hate cliffhangers but I accepted that it was needed. The flow of the story was smooth and seamless and to shorten the story just to cram it in one book would be an injustice... so yes, I was annoyed that it had to end but also excited for whats to come!

Love! Love! Love