Sunday, May 24, 2020




Now what else am I going to do? I've just turned the last page. *sad face*

I want more! 

Is there like a bonus epilogue? Because I need more Jake and Hannah!

I think I like them better than Asher and Autumn.

This is book two of The Callahan Series. It's a spin-off of The One Week Girlfriend series starring Fable and Drew. Fast forward to the future, they had four kids and they're growing up real fast... and this is their individual kids stories. This is a sports, high school romance. Which makes sense because Drew was a football superstar quarter who played for the Niners—my fave team. 

It's a mix of enemies to lovers then friends to lovers romance... Jake is Drew and Fable's second child. This is his book... He's your angsty, hot-head hock and Hannah is your typical artsy, book-nerd. 

It's angsty, frustrating, sweet and swoony. It's not your typical mature YA. It's mellow compared to others.

I was so excited to read this one and it didn't fail... I read it overnight and loved it. My only problem is I wish there was an epilogue...

And since I've read everything, I can't wait to read the next book... and really, September? That's eons away! Ugh! 

Is it weird that I actually want another spinoff series with Jake's friends? Anthony and Caleb especially? And I'd love to read about Diego groveling! Lol