Friday, March 1, 2019



I love R.S Grey! I was so happy when I got news about receiving an another ARC... there was so much hype and excitement about this new book... she is one of my go-to authors... If I wanted something swoony and sweet and would leave you inspired and grinning after, she's your girl.

So this story is about finding love when you least expect it... when you didn't plan on it... falling for someone who's highly unlikely... and no matter how hard you try to resist, it's relentless and is wearing you down until you have no choice but to accept it.

I enjoyed every bit and drop of it from beginning to end. It was funny and swoony and all kinds of sweet... The characters were wonderful, the pacing was great... the dual POV gave me butterflies in my tummy, and I liked that here was a build-up of excitement. I only wish there was another epilogue but what can I do?lol

It was funny and all I can think about was this should be on Nëtflïx! 

I definitely recommend reading it. This is a book that'll surely take the heaviness of the day away... Funniest I've read to-date. Looking forward to more projects in the future!