Thursday, October 28, 2021

SEVER by Caitlyn Dare



If you're reading this, I'd assume you've already read the other books in this series...

Wow! Such a stunning conclusion to the series! I never thought book 4 would roll like that... I got anxious and scared for a bit there.

I need more of Sadie, Wes, Dane and Rhett. *insert crying face emoji* 

It was angsty, it was swoony, frustrating and sexy. It's has action, comedy, drama and p0rń---yes, some scenes seemed that way... I keep forgetting that they're still in high school though lol 

I would've wanted to read an epilogue set 5-10 years from their graduation. I've got questions that needed answers...

And that last bit, about River... I wanted more. Will she have both Jax and Diesel? Would Jax go crazy on River and Diesel? How would Rhett  take it??

I can't wait to read what's next!