Monday, October 4, 2021

FORBIDDEN TO LOVE by Siobhan Davis



I love Siobhan Davis! That's why she an automatic sign-up or one-click for me. She's an awesome storyteller.... always kept you on your toes.

This was a brother's best-friend romance. I hadn't read the blurb. I just signed up right away so I didn't know that this book was about Bennet's 'Leo and Natalia.' When I realized it was, I had to scan through Ben's book to refresh my memory.

It was gripping from start to finish. At one point I even lost hope that they'll wind up together and even entertained the idea of Gino and Natalia... but when destiny steps in, there's no stopping it.

I enjoyed the story...I wanted more. I even wished Siobhan would write about Caleb and Elisa after this one and bypass Serena and Alesso, lol It would make for a great story... age-gap, enemies to lovers, familial ties, mafia romance... *sigh* I am already excited!