Monday, September 27, 2021

THE JUNIOR by Monica Murphy




Been waiting for Caleb's story since reading Jake's story... he has always been misunderstood. I mean, there's no excuse for his playboy ways but he was single.

Before this came out, I've wondered if it was going to be Bailey or Gracie, and I was so relieved it was Gracie.

Tension has been steadily rising between these two and I had all these scenarios in my head about how they will get together. *sigh*

It was a slow burn at first. Trying to do the right thing and not break the friendship... but the heart wants what it wants. 

I think these are the most relatable out of the bunch. They don't belong to CEO or professional athlete parents. Just good old blue collar jobs... love them!

A reformed playboy and reformed man-eater... you can only imagine the angst and sexy factor.