Monday, January 18, 2021

DESTRUCTIVE KING by Rachel Van Dyken



If I could give this 50 millions stars I would!


And here I thought I was sure nothing can top off Valerian (Breaker) and Violet's story.

Gosh! I never thought Asher and Annie's story would turn out this way. I mean, I knew it was going to be awesome because—hello it's RVD, but I'm so blown away! I finished it in one day. It was so gripping! So riveting! I felt guilty leaving the book to take a break to eat or pee or tend to my child!( jk... no, not really😩)lol

And the plot twists man... wow! I sure wasn't expecting that. Total shock and awe!

And my faves were the quotes about death... I lost my Dad years ago, and it still feels like I've just lost him yesterday... and some of the quotes spoke to me. I've always wondered why it seemed I was the only one grieving when I'm not the only who lost him... Some of the quotes helped me make sense of my grief... 

I enjoyed the book. Best book I've read to-date.  I've been in a book slump lately and this help me get back to the groove. It's a memorable read.
I wish there was a longer epilogue! I'm a süćk€r for , naive good girls falling for the crass mafia prince who allowed himself to be reformed by love *hearteyes*

Can't wait to read what's next!