Saturday, September 12, 2020

MY DARLING ARROW by Saffron Kent



I was really struggling with this book. A couple of times I had the urge not to finish it because, it was frustrating and not in a delicious and cute kind of way. It was just plain old frustrating... and annoying to read. I'm sorry, but this is honestly how I felt. 

Yes, it was slow burn, so overly slow that it took me to about 71% to find some kind of excitement. 

This is why sometimes blurbs can be deceiving... it's the one to suck you in. The lure... and it was an intriguing blurb, so I signed up. And the  was kind of disappointed as I began to unravel the story of Arrow and Salem.

I didn't like the characters because I couldn't really relate to them... I'm not saying this to be mean, thats not who I am. I'm saying this as someone who received an ARC to review. 

I'll try to explain this as clearly as I can without giving out spoilers... Arrow is weird like exasperating, infuriatingly, weird. Salem is also weird but in a creepy, corny, shallow, stalker, crazy, no self-respect  weird. Sarah is self-absorbed weird... the supporting characters were meh.... *sigh*