Friday, July 24, 2020

LIAR LIAR by Donna Alam



This was my first Donna Alam ARC, but I've already read some of her books.

I do not know how I feel about this book, I'm sorry. I almost did not finish it.

It was really exciting in the first quarter. There were fluttering of butterflies in tummy. How they met and had a brief but memorable encounter... it was funny and swoony. But as I went along, I don't know it felt like the book lost momentum somewhere in the middle. 

The anticipation of getting together is what makes a love story exciting and gripping... it's why I wished the heroine played hard to get, or at least a little bit and not succumb to the male lead's charms after one meeting... both main characters seemed indecisive of what to do with the other, almost to the point of annoying frustration—whether to stay away from from each other or not. 

It wasn't all bad. Overall, I did enjoy it. This is probably just me feeling this way, having an off moment with this book.