Monday, May 18, 2020




Ugh! I knew it! I knew it!

Why? Why?! *sobs*

I was wondering if I'd get to have ARC because others were already posting about it and I was so bummed because I probably signed up twice to make sure, and then I got a surprise email that it was already sent to my kindle! Eeep!

I've just finished the book... and while I was reading, I kept thinking, do I have to go on and finish it or save it for another day because I didn't want it to end. But I've read it overnight!

Although I love Gray, is it weird that I was low-key rooting for West as well? Like this was going to be a juicy and thrilling love triangle... And despite of what had happened, I was still hoping, deep down, that he really does genuinely love Story... That underneath the cold and manipulative exterior, I wanted him to truly have a heart? To have real feelings for her? To fight Gray for her even though it seemed an uphill battle? After all,  love is messy but beautiful. 

I still hate Lottie but I understand her better now. Maybe someday I'll read about her in depth.

And Gray... Every move he makes, makes my heart pound... gave me chills and a coronary at the same time. He doesn't know the meaning of subtle... the way he can't help himself... the way he was warring with himself and would foolishly give up everything... the way he loves Story...

And Story... Just when you are already rooting for her to fight back, she backs out because of her love for Gray. She can't help it... She was also frustrating but you can't hate her. You're still rooting for her even though you've already cussed her out in your head... I can't imagine to be in her shoes, when it feels like everybody wants you to fail and everybody is against you.

If you're looking to read an angsty, twisted, bully, cinderella-story, then this is the book to pick but you have to read book one,Stolen Soulmate before reading this. It's totally worth it!

There's so much I want to say, but I can't! Ugh! I hate this...

So gripping! So riveting! Gah! 

*zips mouth*