Tuesday, May 14, 2019



This book is part of a trilogy. CONCERTO is book two from the North Security Series. You must read book one— OVERTURE, first before reading this one.

This book is the continuation of Liam North and Samantha Brooks' angsty taboo love story...  

To give you a short recap, Liam runs the elite North Security agency along with his brothers Josh and Elijah. Liam also adopted Samantha when she was 12 years old, but no worries—she's eighteen now, lol.

In this book you'll get to read about Samantha touring with a group of talented individuals and Liam doing what he does while staying away and loving her from afar... but someone from the past who was a threat to Samantha's life made a sudden appearance and all h€lł broke lose... things became very scary and complicated because they didn't know whom to trust... but the safety shield was indeed compromised.

Oh my... that ending. I didn't really expected that. Very gripping.

Can't wait for book three! This will definitely put you at the edge of your seat.