Tuesday, February 12, 2019



This is my first Skye Warren ARC and I was so thrilled to receive one. I haven't read anything from her yet but I have a couple of her books in my TBR shelf—story of my life.

I didn't know there was going to be a book two... the ending obviously left me hanging and wanting more.

I've read some books of the same storyline... but this would be the first time I've read something where the older, dashing debonaire, ex-military, broody guy isn't her blood but was able to adopt the beautiful and talented orphan girl... which technically, he would be her "dad" but here the term frequently used was "ward" or "guardian"... aaaand it would still be weird, to be honest. I mean let's be real... from the outside looking in, it is... and it isn't even about the age gap... No... It's because he adopted her... I'm just saying, okay?

But I guess love moves in mysterious ways... And the heart wants what it wants... the heart is blind and stubborn... They're not related in any way—by sanguinity or affinity, so technically there's nothing wrong. If they truly developed feelings and genuinely loved each other, then alright.

This is a taboo romance... despite the obvious, I enjoyed reading the book. The push and pull was frustrating but understandable... It was gripping, and I just kept turning page after page, eager to know what happens next... It has romance, angst and suspense... and I can't wait to read about what awaits Samantha Brooks and Liam North in the next installment.