Tuesday, February 12, 2019

MR. WRITE by Author Monica James


This is my first Monica James ARC! My first! Yey! The Memories From Yesterday duet is one my favorites... so unforgettable, I've read more them more than once!

So this book is about a best-selling writer, who wrote under the pen name JE Sparrow and Jayden Evans in real life. He lost his writing mojo along with this marriage because his muse—who was his cheater of a wife. He tried to do everything there is to do to get his groove back but the funk just wouldn't let up... until that fateful day when he met Carrie Bell.

This book got me laughing, frustrated and inspired... sometimes I do wonder if fate is just biding its time, waiting to fü€k up your life just when you thought you had it all figured out.

I enjoyed reading it! Even though it has its sad parts, I still consider it a light read... it's about second chances, taking risks and believing in yourself... Read about Jayden and Carrie journey to forever! Such an awesome read especially this Love Month...