Monday, June 4, 2018


Romy Love knows weddings. As the author of a hugely successful wedding blog, you’d think she’d have love covered. It is her last name, after all.
When it comes to her big day, Romy has the flowers picked out, a dress collecting dust in the back of her closet, and a preacher on standby. There’s just one problem: the groom doesn’t know it yet.

Romy has eyes for the Italian coffee god and single dad who owns the bakery in her building—she also has plans for his delicious buns—but in order to get her happily-ever-after, she has a few things to check off her list first:

Lose twenty pounds

Take over the blogging world one wedding at a time

Make Coffee Hottie fall in love with me

Yeah, this shouldn’t be difficult at all.


I'd like to apologize for this late post as my family and I were and still are going through some painful personal stuff. The last couple of weeks were tough, and I just want to ask for your understanding. Thank you.


This is probably the funniest story I've read in a looooooong time! 

This book cheered me up! I was laughing practically from beginning to end!

Romy is just so real and so relatable! Her thought-process is just so raw and very—normal— for a lack of a better word... You can rarely read something like it.

Although the whole series is a romantic comedy, this one definitely takes the cake!  

There were times were I'd like to bump both Elio's and Romy's head coz both were just being stupidly stubborn... throw in a 3rd party and it got a wee bit crazy!lol It took a while for them to get there, and I definitely got anxious but I'm glad it all worked out as it should!

If you're looking for a love story that's light, butterfly-inducing and brilliantly funny, this is definitely the book to pick up next!