Friday, February 3, 2017


He doesn't love me. 
Our relationship wasn't supposed to have strings. 
Now he's almost all I think about. 
He changed everything. 
I'm not ready to tell him. 
There's a chance he'll blame me when I do. 
I don't know if I can trust him but I'm afraid to face the future alone. 
Will he ever love me, or will he always love me not? 

My thoughts after reading...
I was really excited to read this book...I was like, fuck yeah! Carey Heywood is sending me something awesome for Christmas! This is so cool! Well, any book from her really. She's an overall awesome person! This is the second ARC I received from her. HIM is my favorite book so far, hands down.

And now, let's get to it...
I first came across Reilly Whitmore in the first installment of the series. She was the female lead's bestfriend, and the male lead's younger sibling.

A couple of pages into the story, I found myself having mixed feelings about it. I thought the main characters coming together early on was a bit rushed, which was probably why the chapter was entitled "Wildfire." I would've wanted their relationship to build up to that point, and not go at it like horny rabbits at a public place only hours after she buried a loved-one. 
I am a huge sentimental sap, and I didnt find it romantic—at all. But I must admit, it was a very scorching scene!lol (fanning myself). Had that scene been written after a couple of chapters in, after building that momentum of Reilly and Trip, it would've been a more butterflies-going-wild-in-my-tummy moment. But I wasn't the one who wrote it, and I have to respect the storyteller. And so I reserved judgment until I reached the end of the book.

And speaking of Trip...I dont really know him much. I didn't think he was mentioned in the first book...not that I remember anyway (sorry!). And in the second book, I believe he saved the lead female's character during a mudslide... I wish there was more about him and Reilly's past (aside from the Prologue). Like how they interacted through out highschool, those kinds of stuff. I mean I know they know each other because they live in a small town, but there was no other interaction before that scene. I don't know if it's just me but I kept on second-guessing about Trip...his past etc. and I think its safe to say that his character needed to be more elaborated.
Overall, I loved the story. The parts where it touched about grief, guilt and how the characters dealt with it, and coming from someone who went through the same grinder myself, it was written like how a normal everyday person would feel...the unrepining sadness, how alone & vulnerable you feel...then throw in self inflicted self-esteem issues—that is helluva lot to take on. Different people deal with bereavement differently. Some can deal right away, others...are still reeling themselves in & need more time. There's no timeline when it comes to those kind of stuff. You heal when you're ready... I love that Reilly's character broke gender stereotypes, and I also loved that Trip's character emotionally matured as the story progressed.

WHY NOT? is book 3 of the Love Riddles series, and all of them can be read as a standalone.

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