Friday, October 31, 2014


The moment the short-lived apocalypse came to an end, life returned to normal. Mortals continued on with their oblivious existences while the earth healed and flowers again bloomed, the devastation instantly wiped away. It was as if it had never happened.

But it did.

Luce knows. He’s cursed to remember every moment, forced to live with everything he has done. Suddenly finding himself out of confinement, he’s faced with a decision: where to call “home”. Free will turns out not to be the freedom he expects when the only thing he wants doesn’t know he exists.

Serah woke up with no memory of where she came from or who she was before that moment. Struggling to adapt to the world as a mortal, she’s haunted by a set of bright blue eyes that always seem to be watching her. She can’t shake the feeling that he could be her salvation… if only she can remember him before it’s too late.

Lucifer didn’t fall from Grace alone. He’s not the only angel with a grudge, nor is he the only one fascinated by his beautiful mortal.

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions...

My thoughts after reading...
Honestly, reading fantasy/paranormal novels isn't really my thing... I've only read two paranormal series---Twilight by Stephenie Meyer & Crossroads by Mary Ting... and this would only be my third time. I have nothing against the genre' its just that, for me this genre' is already too "unrealistic" as opposed to reading about angsty rockstars, billionaire playboys or reformed tattooed badboys. ehh... I hope I made sense. Anyway.......

I was just browsing through Amazon when this book appeared as one of the suggestions below while one-clicking on one of the author's books... I read the blurb of the first book of the series—Extinguish, got curious, gave in & got hooked (Extinguish & Reignite).

Despite my warriness, I decided to go ahead with Extinguish, out of the hundreds of books in my TBR shelf, (others are even there for years, still unread coz I just couldn't keep up...a certified bookjunkie can relate) and let me tell ya, the moment I started on the first page I couldn't part with the book... as I went along on my reading, the story just keeps on gaining momentum... One cant help but crave to know whats going to happen to the characters in the next page.

There's just something about reading a story with forbidden relationships, love triangles, grand gestures, self-sacrifices, etc.. Its probably coz most of us are wired from middle-school about the tragic Shakespearean story of star-crossed lovers —Romeo and Juliet... only in this case, we have Lucifer--who needs no further introductions, and an angel named Serah.

I mean of course I believe in God and have read the bible a couple of times, but sometimes I cant help wondering about some of these lingering questions in my mind of what or how things were which science cant fully explain...

What made me stay glued to this story is the author's take on these familiar biblical characters and giving their roles a unique twist; that reading this only reaffirmed what I've always known-—that LOVE really is the greatest commandment of all; that in this book, Lucifer wasn't as evil as what we make him out to be...that angels, in a way, are also like mortals and aren't infallible... I must say I wasn't able to hold back my tears in that first book where Luce came undone... I mean for someone like him to be brought down on his knees just because he loved someone so passionately... (Sigh.....)
To say that I friggin love this book is an understatement! I loved it more than Twilight (no offense). If I didn't, I wouldn't have wasted precious reading time gushing over it. It was written in a way that a normal person, who doesn't really read books would understand and would be able to imagine the scenes in their mind quite vividly.

I would've wanted to read more about Luce & Serah's reunion... sorta like a longer epilogue. I cant help it, I felt like the ending is....I dont know, short? or hanging? Maybe there's a novella in the future?

For those who are looking for inspiration...or simply looking for a romantic paranormal read, this is the book for you... It will definitely broaden your understanding about Heaven and Hell, about Angels and Devils...and about finding your one True Love.

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