Friday, August 16, 2013

PRESENT PERFECT by Alison G. Bailey


I’ve been unsure about many things in my life except for one thing, that I have always loved him. Every single minute of every single day that I have been on this earth, my heart has belonged to him. It has never been a question, never a doubt. The love had taken on many different forms over the years, but it had always been a constant. 

Everyone has their definition of love. There have been countless songs sung about it. A gazillion books, articles, and poems written about it. There are experts on love who will tell you how to get it, keep it, and get over it. 

We’re led to believe love is complicated. It’s not the love that’s complicated. It’s all the crap that we attach to it and put in front of it that makes it difficult. If you’re smart, you’ll realize this before it’s too late and simplify.


Amanda Kelly spent her entire life trying to control every aspect of it, while striving for perfection. Her obsession with being perfect, along with her feelings of worthlessness, consumed her. The one thing she thought was perfect in her life was the bond she shared with her best friend, Noah. 

Everything was going according to her life plan until she woke up one day and realized she had fallen in love with him. The one thing she couldn’t control was the affect he had on her. Noah had the power to give her one hundred lifetimes of happiness, which also gave him the power to completely devastate her. He was the one thing in her life that was perfect, but she couldn't allow herself to have him.

Her life begins to unravel. Events take over and force her to let go of her dreams and desires. She needs to realize that a person cannot control the events in their life, only their reaction to them...but will it be too late for her to save her relationship with her best friend? 

Present Perfect is a story of how past events have present consequences and how perfect your present could be if you stopped fighting and just allowed it to happen.

My thoughts after reading...

Okay... Lemme first take a few seconds to steady myself... Breathe in, breathe out...just kidding! To tell you guys the truth, it took me a couple of days to write this review. Seriously.

This books just got me sooo twisted... It took me in an emotional rollercoaster... I mean, just when you think everything seems to be settling just fine, something comes up and fucks it out...(excuse my cussing...just proving a point). Anyway....

Present Perfect is about the beautiful love story of Noah Stewart and Amanda Kelly. They've known each other since birth---literally. They were born on the same day, only Amanda is older than Noah by a minute ☺ So... Okay... They are childhood bestfriend's... Their families are close with each other... They practically did everything together... They are practically attached to the hip! They protect each other like siblings... But then one day, all grown-up, they realized they have feelings for each other---strong feelings.

Noah is an only child...and Amanda has an older sister. I mean I guess it can't be avoided being compared to your sibling---especially if that sibling is good at everything she/he does... I have siblings, and I get why Amanda is the way she is. But I've read somewhere that parents shouldn't compare their kids to one another as every child has their own strengths and weaknesses, and each child reacts/responds differently.

In Amanda's case, she kinda' resigned herself to always be second-best... Not good enough. Not pretty enough. Not intelligent enough...etc. She was very insecure. Her self-esteem is very low, to the point that I want to reach out for her in the book and slap her silly! She feels her parents favored her sister more. Hell! She feels everybody favors her sister more, except for Noah. They are each other's comfort-zone--each other's rock... To her, just as long as Noah is around, she's gonna be fine...and I'm pretty sure Noah feels just the same...

Okay you guys...I'm not gonna discuss the story any further since I have a feeling I'm gonna get emotional again... Its just the way I am 😁 and also, I didn't wanna give anything away...

I learned a couple of lessons from this story... First, that there is no wrong time or right time... I mean, since nobody can really predict what'll happen in the future, might as well do what you want & say what you want right now. Just get it over and done with... there is no other time than the present. Like they say, time is gold... Time spent is time we cannot get back carpe' diem!

Second lesson learned is, not to let others make you feel inferior. As long as you fully grasp the reality that there will always be other people who seems to be "more" than we are, we also mustn't forget the fact that nobody has it all good, and nobody's life is 100% perfect... some people just learn to deal with the imperfections thats why they seem contented and happy therefore from the outside looking in, life seems "perfect". 

And last but certainly not least... We cannot dictate our heart whom to love. Its so stubborn to take orders! And with the kind of love that Noah has for Amanda and vice-versa, it always deserves a chance... A love like that deserves to be acknowledged and we'll just have to take the risk of being hurt. We cannot let fear take-over... After all, there's no guarantee in this life. Its better knowing we tried than wonder every now and then what could've been, which is just so equally sad and pathetic; and not to mention, such a waste of time. In the end, if it doesn't work-out how we want it to, at least we gave it a go. The human heart is not only stubborn but its also incredibly resilient---which is a good thing. So, you'll get over the pain eventually--in time...

Although this book got me twisted in knots, I loved it! The pacing was gradual... Although, I would've wanted a longer epilogue and I would've wanted Amanda to be "complete" but I guess it was necessary in the story. Things like that really does happen in real life...

If you guys loved Connected by Kim Karr, Falling for Hadie by Komal Kant and Take this Regret by A.L. Jackson, I recommend reading this book...👍